Not dead, just elsewhere.

2014-05-11 10:13:32 by Freyaloi

Hiya all,

Just wanted to appologise for not being very active on here lately. 

In all hoensty, I haven't doen any full illustrations in a while, just doodles or cleaned up drawings with crappy backgrounds. 

If you want me to upload that kinda stuff here, just let me know, but if you'd rather me keep this gallery more polished, that's fien too.


However, I ahve been active on Tumblr and that's where all my doodles have been gonig lately. So if you are interested in my sketches and stuff, I recomend you follow me there! ^^


Cya and have fun! 


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2014-05-11 10:29:53

I'm glad to know your still around and arting!
I'll be honest, I would like to see your sketches and sketches that you've either lined or colored, as they would show how you to progress in your art step by step.
Posting a WIP (work in progress) and then a finished piece of that WIP would be wonderful.
Though, based on the occasional critic that appears on every site that has artwork, you should be careful if you make sketches and doodles that are low quality and are never to be finished, as every website and community has its share of assholes who will berade talented artists for making something for practice or entertainment on a simple level...

Freyaloi responds:

Thanks for you're comment.
In all honesty, my doodles and stuff are pretty clean anyway. Two reasons, One I am not at a stage to do roughs that are legible, Two, I don't like messy! XD
Generally my real sketches and doodles end up in doodle dumps on tumblr and DA and things that won't be finished. But if I like something enough it will end up cleaned up and stuff. Could almost call it finished but to me it's not and so remains a doodle, so I don't know if I can put those on the art portal here or not really.
From past experience of putting a couple of cleaned up doodles on here, it's a big nono, so I'm not sure really.