Quick question

2015-04-09 05:58:11 by Freyaloi

Hi guys,

As you all probably all aware, i have been absent online for close to a year now. Reason for that is that I have had no internet at home and getting to a connection around here is a whee bit tricky. Anyways, Hopefully in the next month or so I will be back online. (yay!)


Also as some of you may know, I am going freelance with my work but i still want to do livestreams and stuff, which means figuring out a time to do them.

Now i want to do at least one regular, weekly and any more will be a bonus. 

So question is, what days and times would be best for you guys? (baring in mind timezones and such)

Moved, no internet

2014-06-27 07:49:24 by Freyaloi

Hi all just letting you know that i will  not be as active as usual and if you have you have already noticed, here's why.

I have changed address and where i am at now there is no internet and no way of having any installed.

So i will not be able to be on very often.

Anyway, i'm still alvie and kicking, still drawing and will upload stuff when i can!

Love you all!

To those interested

2014-05-18 20:02:47 by Freyaloi

Hi all,

After some thought, I have decided not to upload my wips and doodles into my gallery. Reason being, they were poorly receivd in the past and so has put me off the idea. 

Instead, I have opened up a thread in the art forum for my doodles and wips and stuff like that. 

So if you are interested in that kind of stuff, feel free to check it out and leave your thoughts. It will be updated fairly regularly, I hope, unless my body decides other wise. 


If you have questions and/or want tips and stuff, feel free to head there. Constructive criticism is also welcome!


cya and have fun! 

Not dead, just elsewhere.

2014-05-11 10:13:32 by Freyaloi

Hiya all,

Just wanted to appologise for not being very active on here lately. 

In all hoensty, I haven't doen any full illustrations in a while, just doodles or cleaned up drawings with crappy backgrounds. 

If you want me to upload that kinda stuff here, just let me know, but if you'd rather me keep this gallery more polished, that's fien too.


However, I ahve been active on Tumblr and that's where all my doodles have been gonig lately. So if you are interested in my sketches and stuff, I recomend you follow me there! ^^


Cya and have fun! 

New year, New beginnings.

2014-01-30 06:58:25 by Freyaloi

After a 3 month hiatus, I'm slowly making a comeback.

 I'm hoping to be uploading more regularly this year as well as live-stream more often.

If you have any tutorial requests or tips and tricks you would like me to share, feel free to ask. I might even do a video version who knows. I am also open for sudjestions for demos and suttf. Feel free to throww ideas at me. (no fanart please)

Do rmeber i already have a youtube channel with some time-lapses videos of my illsutrations on there. :3

Feel free to watch if you are interested, and leave a thumbs up. I'd greatly appreaciate it.


Also I tend to be more active on tumblr, and I usually put my anouncements for livestreams on there. So if you don't want to miss anything or jsut want to follow my crazyness, make sure to follow me on there. :)



Youtube and commissions

2013-08-20 11:52:35 by Freyaloi

Hello all. Welcome to all my (new?) watchers. I hope you like what I have on here so far. I just wanted to let you all know that I have an art youtube channel where I upload timelapse videos of my livestreams and recordings of most of the full images i have produced these past few months. I am currently working my way through the back log of videos i have sitting on my harddrive, so don't be put off my the low number of videos. I am planing on putting more up there in the future; hopefully on a regular basis.

Also i wanted to let you all know that I do do commissions, but I still need to bring everything up to date. However, if you are interested in commissioning me, feel free to drop me a note or an email so we can discuss the matter. (Any spam or time wasters will be blocked) the prices bellow are the latest. They still need some adjustments, notably on the Full category, so I will not be accepting any of that type as of yet. Everything else is sorted. prices are in US dollars and payments are through paypal. only.

Hello and Welcome!

2013-03-02 10:58:03 by Freyaloi

Hey there! Only just joined today and uploaded some older work. As of late I have only been doing sketchy stuff and doodles thoguh i am hoping to get some finished illustrations done at some point.

If you like what you have seen here and want to see more, I recommend checking out my deviantart. I tend to throw most things on there.

But enough promoting.

I was a games design student, try to specialise in concept art. I also have an interest in drawing and writing comics and stories. I love the darksiders art Style to death and am trying to make my style have a similar likeness but also keep recognisably mine. I have a huge interest in demons, the undead and many fantasy things, as well a long and complex story that I am still fleshing out, even after years of work. Most of my work will likely be focused on this but I do do fanart from time to time.

I've spent most of my art life working digitally as I find I am faster and far more comfortable in this medium, however i do mess about on paper from time to time. I also like making youtube videos, be it gaming or Drawing demos. So feel free to check them out as well.

I've run out of things to say about my self for now, i hope you enjoy my work. :3